Liu Chenchen


Chenchen was enrolled in 2009. She has created the milestone of TimeDoc.

Professional, dedicated, steadfast and persistent, she has the rare qualities hard to find among peers. Mouse and keyboard are her inspirational tools. She freely creates collage with meticulousness minor as a frame and a note. Overcoming hardship together with TimePictures, her perseverance makes TimeDoc profoundly discover itself, thus broadened this narrow way. The editing room with her alone is always filled with laughter, because she often talks to herself happily. Of course, she keeps her sanity. It’s just one of her habits.

Words I have to say: I am my work. 

Zong Haiyan


Enrolled in 2007, Zong Haiyan is the corner stone of TimeDoc.

She is considered a reliable, careful and honest person.

She works clearly and progressively to create a comfortable working experience, scheduling for the company and managing the archives meticulously.

Although she is an introvert, she will punish the person who hurts the benefit of the company without hesitation.

She has the convenience of punishing the staff, because everyone get paid from her.

Words I have to say: I appreciate everyone who helps me to grow up.

Zhou Shanshan


Enrolled in 2010, Zhou Shanshan created the standard of Timedoc Production department.

She is the role model of other employees with communication skills, responsibility and an unselfish heart. Observant and professional, she always works to pursue the highest quality of films, and making people believe that images can be expressed by words. Her phone is always busy because she is always talking. It is just one of her habits.

Words I have to say: Smile everyday.

Wang Liying


Enrolled in 2011, she is the youngest child of her family, but senior staff of Time Doc.

Hard-working and earnest, she learns quickly and seldom complaining about hardship. You may always wonder, what life and experience forged a woman into such a persistent, tenacious personality. She is always one step forward instructions. Majoring in financing, she treats the crew sternly, including herself. Being the Chief Manager, she is also the CEO Executive.

Be careful of your instructions, because she will carry out every one before you regret about it.

Chen Yuanfu


Yuanfu was enrolled in 2008, and had been promoting for TimeDoc in two years. He left TimeDoc temporarily since 2010.

He is highly resposible, eager to learn and ambitious. Though he is no longer a “sunshine boy”, he always has the “sunshine” personality. Therefore, he practices the company rule as incorrupted, unbiased, transparent and law abiding.

People talking to him should always be concentrated, because one must stay focused to understand his Hunan manderin.

Words I have to say:  I always follow the time regardlessly, so my heart is 1o years older than my age. That’s why the generation gap appears.