Keep earnest

Why we are always afraid of “being earnest”?

On one hand, it costs to be earnest. “Being earnest” always means more energy consumption, longer time requirement, less profit margin in the short term, hence, people are usually less willing to be earnest;
On the other hand, being earnest is a solution to common difficulties, which highlights those earnest people, motivates others who stop trying in the excuse of difficulty.

Why Time Documentary always stick to the word “earnest”?

We spent 15 years waiting and making plans, while our requirements of being earnest stiffened, in conducting ourselves, acting and dealing with our profession, and we have paid for our attitude. However, also with our perseverance, we are rewarded rare opportunities in this industry, which is the best assertion of being earnest.
We are on an untraversed path, like on slopes towards Mount Everest, accompanied by loneliness and hardship, with endurance of sadness and fear from remains of bodies. Without earnestness in preparation and persistence in every step, we will be the next victims.
It is very urgent, as the best time to enrich and enhance ourselves is now coming, and soon there will be competitors gathering here, allowing no mistake while the transient opportunity is fading. Time will forgive our crankiness, because this opportunity may be trivial for an individual but is the one Time Documentary has been waiting for 15 years.
Therefore, TimeDoc can only say “sorry” to our fellows who are accustomed to slow rhythm, to our fellows who are always careless, to our fellows who make mistakes repeatedly, and to our fellows who are lack of autonomous learning and self-discipline; Time Documentary understand that being professional requires learning progressively, but will never compromise with mindless colleagues.
“Thou wilt find rest from vain fancies if thou doest every act in life as though it were thy last.”(from Meditations on First Philosophy), and this is the value theory recognized by Time Record.

What was our purpose of making documentary?

What is documentary?

We respect predecessors whose discussion on the definition of documentary improved our perspective.
TimeDoc stays focused since its establishment—to share the value of leading enterprises by documentaries.
Therefore we can only describe our documentaries in the sentence below:
Filmed in direct and realistic way, making corporate citizenship (who has social responsibility and is environmental friendly) image that will contribute to a positive and healthy economy.
Time Documentary specialized in documentary, and all businesses irrelevant thereto are deducted. Though there are various types of documentaries, we only focused on corporate documentaries.
In the future, we can only predict what we will possess, but cannot change what we will lose. Only artificial person determines the development of society, not natural person. We believe corporate, as the cell of economic society, has the power of changing the world.
Moreover, persons with interest in documentaries always think highly of the common values of goodness and responsibility. We hope that we stand out from this platform, to disperse encouraging thinking, share some life-changing knowledge, disseminate the product, branding and cultural values of pioneering enterprises, and go towards a more humanized and hopeful future society.
People always say the primary function of documentary film is its historical value, because it can always express the relation between the events and the time with larger force than that of feature films.
The words “all my work is against oblivion” said by Wu Xiaobo is also about attention on historical value.
We pay attention to the historical value of documentaries, but pay more to the influence of these films and its enlightenment to the future. If it is said that these films will play a role in the history, it is a result instead of a goal.

We have memory of short time with long-lasting oblivion.

Life often elapses quickly, and the bygone went away without any opportunity of being repeated.
Life is trivial. We may have vast fertile of land, but only three meals a day; may have massive large buildings, but only stay in one bed when sleeping. Kings and the common people all become ashes in the end.
Even dazzling reputation may disappear soon, just as those numerous powerful heroes who in the end can only be forgotten by history. Those high reputation we are now still retelling is also of trifling. We ourselves will also pass away soon, even without understanding ourselves, not to mention the long-ago decedent.
This life rule at least may encourage us to live not so blind.
We will not record one person for our reputation; we stick to fair, objective and complete viewpoint to show and observe the figures appearing in our films.
The history is always good at oblivion, and with the background of “a half bottle of split milk” (meaning learning to forget and give up), the actions taken by people can be classified into two categories, some are pessimistic, world weary, depraved and hesitative therefore, while others are optimistic, brave, time cherishing and positive.
We choose to be the latter.
We try out best to make the film closest to the real situation, to be capable of emitting shine for as long time as possible. Although, from the perspective of history, even the shine for the longest time is destined to be only an instant, but the shine, at least, light the road for current people and the successors.
We believe every film in this industry is just one drop of water in the sea, and as long as the water continuously spring up, it can, sooner or later, wear away the stone.

Market is always the first priority.

Market decides the creation.

Market decides the creation.
We, from the beginning to the end, pay attention to the narration mode of documentary based on the market. We believe and respect the value of artistic creation, but believe more that only if the audience will not leave their seat can the information be delivered to them.
All films (no matter which category they belong to) are merchandises, whose future is determined by audience, and any complaint over this is futile. Thus we need to consistently be aware of it, learn and blend commercial methods into our documentaries.

Therefore, we should follow marketing rules of documentaries:

1. Documentaries, not recording films
2. Interesting figures
3. A complete viewpoint
4. Telling a story, trying to push the story development with the dynamic clue of the event itself.
5. Enrichment of film content, trying to reducing the explanation, interviewing and captions.
6. The public is always interested in entertaining information.
In order to make film interesting to those audiences walking away in face of numerous stiff documentaries, we shall try some methods to make them interesting, simple and painful, just as the features of life itself.


Our being able to achieve the direct and continuous tracking mode in making film shall be ascribed to the technical progress, enabled the camera to track life, rather than adjusting life according to the requirement of camera. This all allow us to record the event and the consciousness of film creator just as the reflected event.
We believe that the content, form and professional knowledge in documentaries are being changed revolutionarily.
Since its birth, disputes over the way it reflects the truth have never been stopped. If you acknowledge film editing, being loyal to the fact will become incredible.
Trueness of a documentary shall ultimately exist in the imagination organized thereby, not mechanically being loyal to life. Simultaneously, we shall also pay attention to the classical dialogue made by Eliot in Murder in the Cathedral, “Mankind cannot bear too much reality”.
However, undoubtedly, documentaries are creative nonfictional films, based on artistic creation and commercial needs, the fictional figures and scripts will not be automatically removed from the field of documentary. Actually, we can find out that many documentaries are also replaying the features and reproducing the scenes.
In a world full of contradiction, the documentary makers are in charge of protecting justness.
Good documentaries can always reveal deeper facts with emotions, and the latter moved people deeper than the former. It does not explain facts or eulogize the virtues and achievements only, but goes deep into a more complicated and vague field of life with heavy morality burden.
Simultaneously, a good documentary is a story with good organization, just like the counterpart feature film. To tell a good story requires interesting figures, glorious story clue, narration full of imagination tension and a complete viewpoint. The elements in traditional dramas—figures, explanation, tension, opposition, climax and denouement between the conflicting forces shall be very complete in the documentary.
By raising the consciousness of themselves and others, documentary makers are trying to do some respectful and valuable things, and live with wisdom.
Unfortunately, the market mechanism of documentary field in China is still not enough mature, and the industry, as a whole, remains in the lower level than developed country, with less recognition by market, a lack of cultivated audience and copyright awareness. It is very difficult for the documentary maker to raise funds, make and sell films. And there is no clear profit model in this field so far, and the development of many documentaries can only rely on the persistence of individuality, their paying to produce and sharing among small groups of people, without any possibility of gaining profit.
We shall learn from and express respect to those pioneers and simultaneously, we have to face an unfortunate fact, that is, China has gone through 30 years of keen experience, which surprised the world. However, 30 years has passed, and when we look back and make a conclusion, we can hardly find one documentary that can survive the history. Although we have grown for 30 years, we are now still confused and dazed just as the toddler in the swaddling clothes.
Documentaries are photo albums of a country. If a country does not have a photo album, who will be suffering from the loss in the end?
What is the meaning of a collective lack of memory in a country with population of 1.3 billion?

The history is a canvas full of human drama, full of repetition, hence, similar image in current world are always reflected by the documentaries. The documentary is to tell you those shocking and meaningful story, which will also change and affect others, making them behave differently.

Those forgetting the history will be punished and condemned for the recurring history.
There are two kinds of forerunners, namely martyrs and pioneers.

The progress in film technology and the approaching of cyber time means a predictable future for documentaries. We shall remain focused in our mind and resources and seize the only opportunity, with opening attitude and working jointly, to pave a road and keep pace with counterparts, to realize our worth and to push forward the industry.

Workers on documentary are destined to give more endeavor than fiction film makers so as to upgrade the meaning of documentary.

Feature film and documentary

Feature film is still a show.

Realistic documentary makes audience quiet while watching, as if events on the screen were all real and the author had never participated in it.
There is no great difference between figure-driven documentaries and feature films. The documentary widely accepted by people is actually an experimental base of human-driven films.
The character-driven documentary based on observation is eye-catching since this kind of film generally focuses on the behavior of someone willing to fulfill one goal. Documentaries reveal the principle of interaction in life and show the elements contained in excellent theatrical writing to people.

Treating life and death

All religions consider treating life and death as major issue of the world.
The so-called life and death, is what we will be confronted with, even if we are reluctant and without our allowance. We come to the world without our consent and will leave the world the same way.
All we can decide is whether to act positively or passively when we are still alive.
To constantly strive for perfection out of interest is an active action, but working arduously out of survival is a passive action. Activeness is the precondition of success.
Interest can never be developed once and for all, and it shall be self-cultivated.
As for most people, work occupies the most important period of time. To love the work, to cultivate interest in work is the shortcut to realize the meaning and value of life.