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Vanke TV Web

wan Vanke TV Web

Vanke TV Web helps to stimulate communication and prepare for interactive activities inside of the enterprise. As a platform for sharing and building much intimate relation and a more united culture, it tries to create an environment full of love. It promotes pervasively for Vanke, with comprehensive planning, is representing Vanke’s image through the Internet.

Vanke TV Web targets on three major audiences, receiving feedback from updated videos, email and weibo:

The public—company bullet, Wangshi TV, Welfare Time

Employees—Vanke Style, Made by Vanke, Vanke Paike

Proprietor—Living in Vanke

Vanke TV App

Thousands of brilliance, holding in your hand



Wangshi TV Web


The first personal streaming center in China, Wangshi TV, a congregating platform of video, picture, blog and book, is a streaming center of Wang Shi, the chairman of Vanke Group.

We know the past and future of Wangshi, and his story with Vanke in Wangshi TV Web. We can watch micro movie in Liangzhu Culture Village: “Feeling Liangzhu Culture Village”, “Life in Small Town” and “Searching Goose”. Enter the site below to browse Wangshi TV, to know Wangshi closely.

Link: http://www.wangshi.tv/

Wangshi TV App


It is the streaming center of Wangshi. You will receive news of the most well-known brands in Chinese real estate market, and understand better from  the perspective of the most well known real estate entrepreneur.

It is a window of Vanke attitude from the horizon of Wangshi; a platform congregates video, picture, blog and book.

The contents in this App are all provided by Time Doc which focused on archiving, production and distribution of company documentary.



Thirteen years,

growing with BGI

Online video TV station for BGI helps sharing videos and news among the crew and clients. It creates company image on the Internet and improves communication between employees, clients and shareholders.

The website is built with the most popular video streaming frames, applicable for multi-concurrent users. It combines articles, pictures, micro-blogs with live video broadcasting, to create an interactive brand in Internet.

Link: http://tv.genomics.cn/


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BGI TV App released in iPhone



Tiantai TV

Tiantai TV, debut with glamor!

With excellent Internet experience, plentiful video broadcasting, it expresses the world vividly.

Tiantai TV station: www.tiantai.tv

Open to feel the overwhelming excellency

Tiantai TV distinguishes itself by promoting through videos for enterprise website. It mainly publicize corporate culture, projects and entrepreneurs in the company.


Kaisa TV Web


Smooth, Interactive

Perfect, Branding

Beginning stage:

It is an online video space for employee training, news releasing and corporate culture promotion.

Online Corporate TV Station:

With Corporate Video Station, we transport videos on TV Station, promoting products, image, culture, service while training and branding by concentrated dissemination.