Our Goal:
To produce Corporate Documentaries Worth Spreading
Two Strengths:
Documentary Production, Network Distribution
Three Line of Business
Produce, Archiving, Distribution

TimeDoc Film Production Co., Ltd. (previously known as Shenzhen Time Film Cultural Transmission Co., Ltd.) was officially established in 2008. With headquarter locates in Shenzhen and branches set in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Qingdao, New York, San Francisco, it has partners in seven countries. The Company, specializing in producing, archiving and distributing enterprise documentary image, has more than 20 long-term employees graduated from Harvard, Berkeley, University of South California, Communication University of China, Beijing Film Academy and other famous academic schools and universities.
Two world No.1 companies and several Chinese pilot enterprises trust and work with TimeDoc.
Main founders of the company have worked over 20 years in the field of documentary.

Since its establishment, TimeDoc has been working with companies such as Vanke Group, Bioinformatics Center Beijing Genomics Institute, Hong Kong Hutchison Whampoa and China Resources. Within four years of tracing Vanke Group, source materials of 150,000 minutes and script log of 6 million characters are gathered. It has produced biographical film of Wang Shi —“Time Above the Cloud”; in 2010 the company mounted the Everest with Wang Shi from the South Slope to produce “Furthering of 8848”; in 2013, the film “The Rookies’ Dream” was produced from north slope to the top of the Everest with Yu Liang. TimeDoc becomes the first documentary company in the world to have mounted from both the north and south slope to the Everest.

The first individual streaming media center, and the first three-in-one enterprise network TV station are established and its first video APP in IPhone and Android mobile are developed and realized, which all positively affect the reserve of enterprise film materials, symmetry of internal information, communication with the client, relationship with the investor and the public image of the enterprise.

Based on its archiving system, TimeDoc has published “Seaside Shenzhen”, “Immigrants and Sea”, “Shenzhen Memory”, “Wang Shi Say: My success is When Others Don’t Need Me Any More”, “Wang Shi Say: Progressions and Setbacks That Influenced My Life” and etc.

Business Domains

Production of Corporate Documentaries:
TimeDoc is skillful in planning and creating enterprise micro-documentary, documentary film and thematic documentary. It possesses leading filmmaking, management capacity and profound documentary resources in the industry. Several enterprise documentary produced by the company won international awards, and is largely promoted through employers, clients of enterprises, and among the society.
We mainly produce three types of documentary divided by the length of video:
Micro-documentary: enterprise news video within 5 minutes, easy and quickly promoted through internet and mobile devices.
Documentary feature: enterprise events within 15 minutes, an important resource for congregating rich media, marketing events and public distribution.
Documentary Film: usually as a periodical summary of enterprises in 30-90 minutes, needs image tracing over years, including complete and logical story line, is vital to improve value of products, brand, and culture.

Mobile Network Distribution:
TimeDoc is the professional documentary company most early entering the spreading field based on integration of three networks and a professional provider of enterprise documentary. The mobile network distribution pattern, which is based on integration of enterprise network TV station, IPhone and Android mobile omnipotent network distribution, providing a platform for promoting internal communication, helping client and investor obtain information and building up enterprise citizenship image. Film archives of enterprises are transformed from resources to assets in this platform.

Enterprise Film Archiving:
Every corporate will have a film of its own. Films of enterprise history are valuable materials for dissemination, which will help people review the past and welcome the future. TimeDoc provides solutions for how to record, preserve and apply these memorable pieces.

Representative works of the company:



2013 “Boston Marathon”, “Running for Love”
2012 “Rowing–To be our best self”,”The Charles Regatta”
2011 “Ai You Foundation Poster”,”Dreams Realized”
2010 “Traveling in Cities of Garbage Collection”,”Children’s Hospital of New York”
2009 “Garbage Storm”,”Hello, TOCUMWAL”
2008 “Altun EXPO”

Thematic Documentaries

2013: “The Rookie’s Dream”
Every Rookie has a dream of going pro! When Wang Shi returned from mountaineering in The Everest in 2010, Yu Liang, the CEO of Vanke Group was just a sports rookie. During the following three years, Yu Liang and his “Rookie Team” mounted Qizi Peak, altitude 6206 meters, Muztagh Ata altitude 7546 meters and Cho Oyu altitude 8201 meters. In July 2013, they started a journey to the Everest, pursuing dreams using their steps and fulfilling belief with their life. Go chase the dream, because everyone could be the hero of themselves.
2011 “Memory of EXPO 2010″
Seven stacks of wheat in Puxi, Shanghai drive people to explore ways of co-existence with the environment, and draw the attention of hundred million people worldly. The film will tell you how Vanke Group make its way through World Expo in 2011, as urgent deadline, financial deficit, and unqualified construction challenges the corporate. The film takes you to the moment to see how dreams are built under stacks of wheat.
2010 “World EXPO Kilometer Zero Movement on the Everest”
In World EXPO Kilometer Zero Movement, we photographed and shot videos for the South and North Slope from the Everest. All the pictures and images were uploaded to website of Wangshi TV and contents were reposted more than 3,000 times by CCTV, Zhejiang TV, Jiangsu TV, Dragon TV, Shenzhen TV, cited by mainstream media Sina, Sohu, Net Ease and etc.
On May 25, video about team on South Slope reached the summit was rebroadcasted by With internet users around the world witnessing the excitement, the video hits 106 million viewers in a day.

Documentary Event:

2007: “Immigrants and the Sea”
The 7-episode documentary was shoot in five countries, namely, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Chile and Argentina for 3 months. Series sculpture works of Immigration and the Sea and theme installation works Urban Marine Archives are planned, organized and made to participate in the 2007 Shenzhen and Hong Kong Urban Architecture/ Double-city and Double-year Exhibition. The theme music scene dance drama In the Corner of the City and the theme song The Other Side of Hope are completed and the “Immigration and the Seas” urban public art exhibitions are held in Overseas Chinese Town (OCT), Wangxiang City in Shenzhen, etc., achieving the “Yearly Award on Art and Literature” under “2007 Living Award” held by Nanfang Media Group.
2007 “Shenzhen Memory”
Edited, written, published by Time Doc and collected by Shenzhen Library, the book Shenzhen Memory and its DVD suit– serial documentary with 5 episodes, are records of old buildings, historical ecology and resident culture.
2006 “Seaside Shenzhen”
Shot in eight countries and costs 4 months, over the U.S.A, Australia, Spain, Italy, France and Greece, Sea∙Shenzhen is a documentary with books and DVDs published simultaneously.

Documentary Film

2013 “DNA Dreams”
Won “Best Documentary” at University of Southern California
2012 “Pets’ Republic of China”
Selected by Santa Cruz Film Festival in California
2010 “Zundao”
Selected by Amsterdam Film Festival and Dok Leipzig
2009 “Shisha Pangma”
Won the third prize of “Chinese Documentary Academy Decennial Award” by SARFT
2008 “Time Above the Cloud”
Selected by the annual Visual Anthropology of China and Amsterdam Film Festival


Network Delivery:

Kaisa (Intranet)



“Wang Shi Say: My Success Is When Others Don’t Need Me Any More”
“Wang Shi Say: Progressions and Setbacks That Influenced My Life”
“Immigrants and the Sea”
“Seaside Shenzhen”