Zhou Shanshan


Zhou Shanshan is the Manager and principal of production department in TimeDoc. Zhou is versed in documentary narration, experienced with film editing and visual effect production, with experience in documentary field over years and specialized in congregating media resources. Zhou supervises quality of films. She graduated from Beijing Normal University.

Wang Liying

CEO Executive

Wang Liying is the chief Executive of TimeDoc. She once worked as an executive in a listed company for years. As an observant manager to meet client’s demand, she has marketing skills in documentary field and knows the trend of documentary development. Wang graduated from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics.

Liu Chenchen

Executive Director

As the principal of producing qualified films in TimeDoc, Liu Chenchen is an expert in narrative story, film editing and interview. She graduated from Beijing Film Academy.

Cheng Gong


Cheng Gong has worked in the field of advertisement production over 10 years. Graduated from Beijing Film Academy, he is one of the directors and organisors of “Tasting China” episode 1. His personal documentary film won ‘Best Documentary Film Director’ in Asian Youth Film Festival. He is also the nominee of YIDFF.

Wang Qiong


Wang Qiong has worked over 15 years in the field of television industry, and won national awards in Broadcasting and TV News Prizes. She graduated from Wuhan University, with degrees in Bachelor of Science and Ph.D. in Literature. She is an associate professor of Wuhan University School of Journalism and Communication.

Bai Xinyi


Executive Producer

Bai Xinyi has recently became a prominent executive producer. She graduated from Zhejiang University of Media and Communication.

Zhou Min

Chief Script

Zhou Min is a senior editor with 20 years experience in field of journalism, and is now working as a foreign correspondent for several news media. Zhou studied aboard twice and is a visiting scholar at University of California, Berkeley.

Hong Hai

Founder & Executive Producer

Hong Hai graduated from Zhejiang University of Media and Communications. He is currently a visiting scholar at University of California, Berkeley. He is also a lecturer in Documentary at San Francisco State University and The University of Kansas. As the documentary cameraman, Hong summitted Mt. Everest from the south slope in 2010, and the north slope in 2013.